Sunday, September 14, 2014

Party Weekend!

This weekend was birthday party weekend! Babcia and Grandad came in town from Virginia to hang out with us too! So, Friday we took off of work and hung out for the day. Went downtown, grabbed some lunch and hung out at the house that evening. 
Yesterday morning the bounce house was already set up so Easton was jumping in his pjs :) 
It was a long morning of setting up decorations outside...and stressing over the radar. I snagged some pictures while we were setting up, here is one table minus the cold juice and fruits. 
 We set up all morning...minus taking a break with Drake's mom to go grab lunch and shop at a boutique of course ♥ 
 After a break, it was back to work!
 We had the backyard all set up and ready to go for Easton's county fair!

 until...about 30 minutes before our start time we are running outside to bring in what we can before it starts pouring! :( It was sunny all weekend except the couple hours of Easton's party. Seriously?!
 I was so bummed as we were bringing everything in. All of the work that morning, the last couple months planning and buying things to not turn out the way you plan is definitely tough. But I had to remind myself that it is all for Easton's party, so him having fun is what matters. 
 We were still moving things around inside as everyone was arriving, but we made it work. 

Crammed in our house eating fair food with family and friends ♥ Thankful for everyone who came to celebrate Easton. 

 He was into his presents which is fun to watch. He would open his mouth wide and say, "Wow"
 Then as the party was close to ending, the rain stopped! We went out and the kids played in a wet bounce house and played in the puddles. 
 of course Drake was jumping wearing the gopro :)
 It was a hectic day, but turned out perfect...even if it wasn't the "perfect" I had planned in my head. :)
I'm glad Easton had a great time partying with his friends. ♥ 

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