Thursday, October 23, 2014


This past Monday was a special day....well first let me jump back a bit. I always try to do a family photo shoot sometime near Easton's birthday. This year I decided to wait until October so it wasn't miserably hot, which turned into me deciding to attempt a photo shoot at the fair. :) Since I decided on the fair, we set a date for Monday just because it would hopefully have the least amount of a crazy crowd. The closer the day got, I realized that Monday would be October 20th, exactly one year since Easton's seizure. That night a year ago we watched Easton stop breathing with his little body just limp and purple as we were rushed in an ambulance to the ER...and here we were, a year later...watching him play, ride rides, eating caramel apples and loving life. ♥ These pictures will forever be so special to me! 

After we finished our pictures, we met up with my family to ride some rides and hang out. 
 Easton loved the rides this year! :) 

It was such a great day with the people I love. ♥ 

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