Sunday, October 12, 2014

farms and fishing

I could really use some extra hours thrown onto this weekend. Maybe for extra sleep, or extra time to actually start AND finish cleaning the house...but it's just not happening. I have been busy working and having fun the last few days and am dragging before the work week even starts. Uh oh. :) Friday I went straight from work downtown to shoot a wedding all evening/night. Everything went great, but I hate missing that time with my guys. They went to the football game and Easton had a great time! 

Saturday Easton had a soccer game and his team pictures. :) I can't wait to get those back next week at his last game of the season. Crazy. After his game we met up with my family and went to sweet season farm. I planned to go later since it is still hot here, but Kylie was in town so we had to go. :) It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday and bring fall weather back Wednesday this week so I am excited...and hopeful that it sticks around since next Monday I have family pictures scheduled with outfits that include cardigans. Gah. 

Anyways, so sweet season was a lot of fun minus that fact that we almost melted away. 

The year to year of course! 
 My brother and Rose asked me to grab a picture of them in the sunflowers to use for their Christmas card this year...this my friends is dedication to a Christmas card :) It was like 90 degrees but they busted those sweaters out for the picture. haha
 Pop and Nanny♥ 
 The corn popper!
 They added a few games this year too!

 Easton was finally big enough to ride the cows this year by himself and he loved it! I am hopeful he will enjoy the fair more this year too. 

 thumbs up with Kylie

 After we left there we came home to shower and grab some food...then I was off again to shoot a retirement party. Luckily I only worked an hour which flew by after working for hours the night before. 

Finally today we have been hanging at the house, doing some laundry and things prepping for the week and Easton went to a free fishing clinic this morning! It was a cute little event. Free t-shirt, food and fishing pole! 
 It's been a good weekend. xoxo


  1. I'm suck a sucker for comparison photos. :) I can't believe how big he is!

  2. I love the fishing clinic! What fun for Easton. The picture with him in the cow by himself and the ones from each year are so cute!

  3. That looks like so much fun! It seems like all of my blogger friends are taking up photography on the side and are super busy this time of year. I don't know how you fit it all in!


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