Saturday, October 18, 2014


 Hey guys! This week was filled with some of our normal routines and we also mixed in our rotation so we each had a day to do whatever we wanted again :) I got a massage and went shopping Wednesday and Drake went golfing Thursday. 

This morning was Easton's last game of the soccer season, but we had to miss. :( Poor guy was up three different times last night screaming and crying so hard, so this morning he slept in past his game time. We will have to go next week to pick up his team picture and metal. :) Awww 
After sleeping in, you would have never known he was up all night. He was ready to go! I'm glad he was feeling okay because we had a busy afternoon getting ready and going downtown to Kim and Lance's wedding. It was beautiful and Easton had a blast on the dance floor with James all evening. ♥ 

Happy Saturday!

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  1. So weird! Stella has been having nightmares or something lately as well. It's heartbreaking. :( I'm glad your Dad ended on a better note!


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