Thursday, November 6, 2014

field trip and family pics

A post with Easton's first field trip and family pictures=prepare for picture overload. :)Yesterday Easton had his first ever field trip! :) It was a great time. He was very excited to ride the "big school bus" We went to Sonshine farms. I took a half day off from work and followed the bus to the farm. 

 They rode the tractor ride, went down slides, went through the corn maze, fed ducks and played putt putt. 

 ♥ Easton and his love

It was a fun day and it's always nice to see Easton with his friends and teachers and feel like I know a little more about the people he spends all day with while we are at work. 

Today I came home and our CD from out shoot at the fair was here. :) Here are some more of my favorites in addition to the previews I posted a couple weeks ago. Love these boys so much! 

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