Saturday, November 22, 2014


I am beyond obsessed with this picture :) Easton LOVED seeing Santa this year. We went early so that we could avoid crazy lines after Thanksgiving, so we walked straight in and Easton was walking very slow with very small steps towards Santa and a huge smile on his face. He sat on his lap and gave us an awesome picture :) Santa asked what he wanted this year and Easton was looking away so excited and signed and said, "bike" Then we told him to look at Santa and tell him and he slowly turns his head with that smile and gets so shy (but still so excited) as he looks away again. Santa asked what else he wanted and Easton signed and said, "candy" 
When we left, he got his stickers and waved bye. After that we walked around the mall for some shopping and were back near Santa and Easton darted through the exit before we could grab him, luckily no one was there...and went back up to Santa with a huge smile. Gave him a hug and a high five and of course got a stack of sticker sheets from Santa. :) Already so excited for this Christmas I can't handle it. ♥ 

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  1. Yes, this picture is awesome! I've already called it that I think our picture is going to include tears this year. I don't see Drake being happy on Santa's lap, but we'll see.:)


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