Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

We had a nice Thanksgiving Break these last few days. Thursday we went to my parent's house along with my grandma, brother, Rose and Georgia. It was yummy! We ate, played outside and watched football. The weather was awesome for our break as well! Very thankful for that :)
We played outside a lot, but we also did some things inside. Easton loves coloring and drawing lately. Here is a drawing of our family...
 and he is now able to write his name all by himself :) Tomorrow we actually have a meeting at his school. When we met before the year started, we set goals along with the teacher and speech therapist that we all hoped he would be able to master throughout the school year...well he has already mastered them all so we have to meet again and set some more goals for the remainder of the year! Very excited about his progress. 
 Friday we went downtown to the elf parade and then did dinner at the Bennett's house. Easton and Millie play so well together! They were dancing, chasing each other and holding hands. ♥ 
 Yesterday we took Easton fishing over near the beach. It was bites though. After that it was football all afternoon and being bums. 
 I'm so appreciative of the break from work, but as always it makes me in a bummed out mood the evening before heading back to work. Today was grocery shopping, packing lunches and Easton's backpack and Drake is putting up Christmas lights. 3 weeks of work and then we are off again though! :) All 3 of us with almost 2 weeks off together. Yay!!

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