Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Fun!

Hey guys! Well, first off...NO CANCER! Thank you for all of you that were praying for my mom. We ended up having to wait a little longer to hear back because there were some suspect cells they had to send off somewhere else, and they will keep monitoring everything because the tumors are growing, but we are very thankful for the no cancer news right now. 

We have been very busy lately enjoying the holiday season. We went to the downtown Christmas parade which was SO crowded, but we had fun. This is just such a fun age/time with Easton. He is loving everything about Christmas and I am so excited for Christmas morning this year with him! 

My TV Production kids came to our house for a Christmas party. I love that this is part of my job. I have so many wonderful memories with my production class in high school and love having such a close group...several of them plan to go into journalism in college and some of my former students are currently in production/film classes at their colleges and that is so exciting for me. 
Every April we go to the state competition to compete...I am excited to start planning our trip when we go back to work. 
At Easton's school, he has been doing great and I got to enjoy another field trip with his class to the Christmas tree farm. 
Him and Alyssa always together :) They were holding hands and so lovey all day haha
Friday night was gallery night and we got a babysitter and met up with Whitney and Tyler downtown. 
We had fun...and were pooped at 11:00 and came home haha
The last couple days have been pretty gloomy, cold and we have already gotten our moneys worth out of the bounce house place! :) 
About to get ready for a Christmas brunch and then I work a 1/2 day tomorrow and am off until January 5th! woo hoo! It's going to be an awesome break!

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