Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Parade, Playing and Praying

This past weekend I was up early on Saturday for a family session and then we had our annual Christmas Parade that passes by our house, so we went out back and enjoyed that Saturday afternoon. Easton loved getting candy and beads. We had fun ♥ 

 After that, we went to my parents house for football. My mom was still in pain from her biopsy. She had to lay awake as they drilled into her hip bone and stuck needles in :( We are still praying and impatiently waiting to hear what they found.

 So, today we went to a new bounce house place that just opened last weekend...score! With it being cold and dark by the time we get home this place will be great! I went ahead and got a month of unlimited visits since we will be off work during Christmas time and can go a good bit. Everything was nice and new and not crowded at all (yet) But it will be a perfect after school thing for us...I will avoid the weekends for sure! But it made me so excited! My brother and Rose got Georgia a month too. 
After bouncing and playing his little heart out Easton went and laid on his daddy (who was clearly tired from playing too) and watched Mickey Mouse Christmas. A nice quiet evening with my boys with the Christmas tree lights on. Best thing ever. 

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  1. I've been thinking of you with everything going on with you mom. Hoping and praying for good news! We took Aiden to a bouncy house place this summer, he was NOT impressed, but I think that was because there were lots of loud, older kids. Christmas break is a great time to take advantage of going, hopefully it won't be too busy for you!


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