Saturday, December 27, 2014


Not only am I off of work and Easton out of school until January 5th, but Drake is also off of work until January 5th! I am so thankful for this time off! Since I wrote last, we went to a light display that included a train ride and then across the street walked around another display that had a ton of huge blow ups. Easton was in heaven! :) I
Christmas Eve was a great day at home, making cookies for Santa and watching Christmas movies. Easton used a whole bottle of sprinkles on 4 cookies :)
This year's Christmas morning was so amazing. I didn't snag many pictures because I am trying to do some more filming over the break, but Easton kept talking about Santa coming when he went night night and was going to put presents under the tree. Being Santa on Christmas is so much better than getting presents from Santa. Easton was so excited and LOVED opening his presents. 
We opened presents at our house, and Easton skyped with his Babcia and Grandad while opening their presents ♥ and then headed to my parents and opened presents and ate lunch there. It was a nice day outside, so we went up to the baseball fields to test out Easton's new bat and bike. He is beyond obsessed with his sports! I can't believe he will start playing pre-tball this spring! He loves to hit and run the bases. 

Yesterday my mom watched Easton for a bit while we went and played soccer golf! A course near here just started it and we had a blast! 

 After soccer golf, it was off to the park to play and dinner in town with d&e. We have been busy and having a lot of fun! :) 
I can't believe it's almost 2015! 

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