Sunday, January 4, 2015

Awesome week

It has been a fun week, which makes it even harder to think about going back to work tomorrow :( I wrote about our awesome day in Destin already to kick off the week...the next day my parent's kept Easton overnight for us! We had the lamest sounding date night that was so much fun! We went to dinner together in town and then went to Hobby Lobby and then Books a Million. It was so nice to sit and drink hot chocolate while we looked at books and magazines. We talked about 2014 and our goals for 2015. It was so nice. On the way home we stopped and got a movie and vegged out on the couch.♥ 

Wednesday during the day I had an awesome spa day! Facial, massage and pedi ♥ and then for NYE we went to the Lynch house with everyone eating and hanging out while the kids ran around crazy. We didn't stay too late and came home and were sleeping at midnight. We just keep sounding more and more exciting as this post goes on. New Year's day was of course watching football and hanging out with the family. 

Friday night I went downtown to dinner with Gina. We ate at Jacos-yum! and had fun catching up. 
 Yesterday we went to bounce house and spent the evening at the Bennett's house. Easton and Millie play so good together and we love hanging out with them! We grilled out, played just dance and had a good time. When we left Easton kept saying, "More Millie, yea" ♥ 
Today I am trying to avoid getting bummed out. We had such an awesome break together and it will be hard getting back up to the morning rush. 


  1. How did Christmas break go by so fast? I swear, it feels like it just started! I'm glad you were able to do so many things over the break, making memories and spending time with family. Hope you have an awesome week!

  2. One of these days we are getting my family down to Florida and I hope we can meet! You all sound like so much fun and are such an adorable family! I hope getting back into your normal routine isn't too tough - I was back at work this morning and I'm already missing my time off. :(


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