Sunday, January 18, 2015

long weekend

After talking trash about January being my least favorite month, it is proving to me that it's not so bad. :) Totally random...but a couple weeks ago I got an e-mail from Pen Air Credit Union that said they would be shooting a commercial and they were looking for talent in the area. They needed a family with a young child, a family with teenagers, people to play bank tellers, etc... so I sent in our picture. Why not. Then an e-mail went out saying they received hundreds of pictures and thank you to everyone for sending them in blah blah blah and at that point I figured there was no way and forgot about it. A few days later I got an e-mail saying they wanted to use us as the family in the commercial! :) It was so fun and they loved Easton ♥ 
 Last night we went to the circus with my brother and his family. Easton is the perfect age for things now! He LOVED the circus and had such a fun time. 

 Today we spent our day at the beach. I am loving this sunny weather lately and am starting to get the itch for spring in my life. We played trac ball, walked the pier, went into shops on the boardwalk, fed the birds, chased the birds and played in the sand. 

It's been a fun weekend, and I get the day off with Easton tomorrow! yay :) 


  1. In those last two pictures, Easton looks like he's 6! He is SO tall! How fun that you were able to be in a commercial. Look out Hollywood, the Wade's are coming! LOL

    1. haha Drake is 6'2'' so it looks like he is taking after his daddy...which is good because I am 5'2'' :)


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