Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

How am I doing a weekend wrap-up? Didn't the weekend just start?! Sigh. Well, I guess with the first week of work after the Christmas break under my belt, it will hopefully get easier from here. Easton knows how I feel...
Yesterday we had a fun afternoon downtown. The sun decided to come out which seems rare these days. We went to the park and then downtown to maritime and had a pretty intense football game. Me and Easton vs. Daddy :) He would, "Down, Set, Hut!" to me and then I would pass it to him and he would run for the touchdown-every time. :)
This morning I had a shoot for my friend Annie. We got some shots of her and her son and she needed some head shots as well. We did her pictures and then as we finished, Drake and Easton came over and Easton got to play with Brody for a while. They had fun. 
We are about to go to bounce's back to cold and gloomy today outside. January has to be my least favorite month. Going to enjoy what's left of the weekend with the boys. ♥ 

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