Thursday, January 22, 2015

zoo and speech

Our Monday off of school was great! Easton and I went to the zoo and he LOVED it. I seriously can't get over how perfect this age is. I honestly think part of that feeling comes from his speech improving and him being able to communicate with us a little more. 

Here is a video of him last night...sweet boy tries so hard. When we don't understand what he is saying, he will add something to it or try to show us something to make us understand him. Again...still a long way to go but focusing on how far he has come! Sorry, this is almost 5 minutes, it is mainly for Drake's family to see since they are out of town. 
Last night I had a date night with my boy ♥ We went to the park after work and  then the "t-ball store" as he called it...we had to make sure we can get Easton big league pants for his season. Daddy was excited to hear that they did. Finally, we went to hibachi for dinner. Easton was cracking up! And my picky eater was chomping on his noodles in soy sauce-who knew. 

Alright...gotta go finish getting ready for the work day ahead. Have a good day! xoxo

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