Sunday, February 22, 2015

feeling better

Well, we had a full day planned yesterday, but Easton was up about 2am throwing up and running fever :( So yesterday our plan of t-ball practice, going to the zoo and a play date/dinner with the Griffins were all cancelled and we did absolutely nothing all day while Easton rested. He had fever off and on all day and just wasn't feeling it. Lots of gatorade and watching Despicable me and playing with his minion play-doh set. 

He slept good last night and was up and feeling better this morning :) It was supposed to be raining all day, but it looks like it is going to wait until later this evening to make an appearance, so we were able to make it over to the zoo. :) We had a great morning and Easton loves the train, feeding the giraffe and watching the otter swim. 

Headed out to do a photo shoot soon...Drake's new job and back to work tomorrow! 
{3 weeks of work until spring break!}

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