Sunday, March 29, 2015

carnival and cleaning

Well, I survived my first week back to work after Spring Break...officially back in a routine and ready to have a good final 9 weeks with my students. The week was good overall. More time in the evenings to enjoy playing outside which is so nice! We got Easton a water slide that he was loving a couple nights. His school had "muffins with mom" so I got  to go eat breakfast with my man ♥ and we also went to the mall one evening so Easton could see the Easter bunny which he loved. He went right up and hugged him and sat on his lap. Going to Disney in September for Easton's 4th birthday and him getting to see all of the characters is going to be amazing! 

Friday night we had a t-ball game. We got back our team pictures and I love them! ♥ Easton is still loving it and it is fun to watch. 
Yesterday we had a good day! We went to an easter egg hunt and carnival. 
 Easton on the loose rounding up his eggs :)
 He was so excited about his eggs and loved opening them. 

 After the egg hunt we went over and he got to play carnival games and jumped in the bounce house. 

 BFFs ♥ 
After that we grabbed lunch and then went to play tennis. Easton loved it, even if "tennis" was eventually him hitting the ball, throwing his racquet down like it was a bat and taking off running. :) 

Today was not a very exciting day, but a much needed one. Easton had fun playing with the neighbors and jumping on the trampoline while I was tackling some cleaning. Windows open, cleaning and laundry most of the morning followed by grocery shopping this evening. We did squeeze in a visit to the Otts house and Easton had fun playing with Dean and Vivian. 

Hoping for another great week. Happy Sunday ♥ 


  1. Our elementary school here does "Muffins and Moms" and "Donuts and Dads", but Aiden's school doesn't. I can't wait to be able to do that with Aiden though! We are looking into buying a Little Tikes Bounce house for our backyard actually, I think the boys would LOVE it! I found some on Amazon that were way cheaper than Toys R Us. :-) Happy Monday!

  2. He is such a little stud; always has the best smiles in his pictures! I don't know what it is, maybe just fresh air, but I enjoy cleaning so much more when I can have the windows open.


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