Saturday, March 21, 2015

down, but not out

Well Monday night Easton's eye started looking a little puffy and just not normal, so I texted our Pediatrician and she said it was definitely pink eye coming on. :( So she called in some eye drops late Monday night and we were luckily able to start some meds before he went to bed that night...poor guy woke up Tuesday morning looking like this-
So, Tuesday ended up being a lazy day for us at home, which was probably a good thing to force us to sit still. Although it was hard when it was another beautiful day outside. I started feeling yucky too and ended up with fever and trying to feel better myself. 
Wednesday Easton woke up with a clear eye and was not contagious fever was gone but I was still not feeling 100%. But we had 2 play dates scheduled for Wednesday and I did not want to cancel, and I'm glad I didn't...Easton had such a fun day! That morning we met Millie and her family at the zoo. Easton loves playing with Millie and did not want to leave her! We hung out at the zoo and grabbed lunch before heading home. 
We literally stopped at home to refill his water, grab some toys, I took medicine and we were back out to meet up with Elle and James downtown. We met at maritime park which was perfect because it was in the middle for everyone. Summer and Kate played college soccer with me at UCF, so it is always so neat to get together with old teammates! We had balls and bubbles...and an hour and a half later we were having to force the kids to leave. They played so hard :) 
We walked around downtown and grabbed some ice cream before heading home to daddy getting off of work. 
So, Thursday {another gorgeous day} we met up with Dean and Vivian at the park and Easton got to play with more friends! He is having a blast this week ♥ We went early enough so the kids had the whole park to themselves which was awesome. We left there and found out my dad was playing some softball, so we went to make fun of Pop for a little bit and Easton got to run around the baseball fields before heading home to hang out. 

When Drake got home, I went to hang out with Gina for a couple hours. First stop...tattoos :) I got "Godspeed little man" When Easton was a newborn and I was rocking him to sleep, the song Godspeed came on. I had never heard it before but in that moment of rocking my sweet newborn and listening to the song I had one of those moments as a parent where you are completely overwhelmed by the love you feel for your child. I held him with tears in my eyes and felt so lucky to finally be a mom. After that, I continued to play it when I would rock him or sing it to him. Now on the rare occasion that he will let me rock him to sleep, I will still sing it to him, only now he will look at me half asleep and sing along with me. I've had some very special memories with Easton to that song, so I'm in love with having part of the lyrics as my new tattoo. 
Friday, which also kicked off our 3 day weekend with Drake {yay!} we went to the beach with the kayak. It was an awesome morning, plain and simple. Kayaks, more shell throwing, music playing, 79* spring weather, both my boys ♥ I was feeling very blessed!

 Finally, last night we went to gallery night downtown and although they didn't have the kids area with the "jump jump" that Easton was looking for, he was happy with the football he got painted on his arm and ended his night with a dance battle in the street. What more can you ask for?! :) 
 It's been an awesome spring break aside from having some sickness. This time of the year is always my favorite! Next month, as always, April is slammed with some fun things planned and I can't wait! I am off to get ready now-Drake and I are getting a lunch date today. Going to eat and look at some model homes, to dream about ideas we want in our next home :) 

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  1. Oh man, that eye looks awful! Glad it didn't take him down for the whole weekend and looks like you managed to get to several fun things. The tattoo and the story behind it is awesome. You are so pretty!


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