Saturday, March 7, 2015


Happy Saturday! This week went by pretty fast, I cannot believe we are already in March! Drake finally felt like himself again on Tuesday! Easton had a game Monday night and it is so awesome to watch. He really comes out of his shell and acts confident out there, which is great to see after he was so timid and shy at soccer in the fall. He literally ran from the pitcher's mound to left field for a ball. :) Our uniforms also matched the other team, so at one point he was running bases with his glove on and supposed to be playing defense. It's hilarious. 

Today was a great start to the weekend. It's Saturday, the weather was amazing and we had nothing on our schedule. This morning we went to the train museum and walked around and Easton rode the train. 

 {The 2 cutest guys ever♥}

After we left there, we went by home depot for the kid's workshop. I have been meaning to go forever but finally found out exactly when they happen. It was so cute. Easton built book ends. 

After that we grabbed lunch, went downtown to the park so Easton could ride his bike and run around, followed by an evening of bumming at pop and nanny's. It's been a good day ♥ 

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