Sunday, March 1, 2015


Whew! This weekend has been a whirlwind. Friday Drake called saying he was having to leave work because he was throwing up. :( So he was literally in bed all day Friday except to get up and get sick. I got Easton after work and we had to go straight to opening ceremonies for t-ball. I was already dreading it, but it was freezing and we were standing on a field for about an hour before the team walked to the next field to get recognized. Doing this with a bunch of 3 year old kids on a muddy cold night is no fun. I do have to say, it was so nice to watch Easton do what he was asked to do by his coaches even though most of the kids around him kept getting into trouble. So...once it is time to go to the other field, we were waiting and watching. There are literately 56 teams on this field and Easton is taken by the team mom and they are walking. Then they go to their spot and I can't see any of his team anymore. I did not like the feeling I had, so I started to walk around the back to make sure I could see where his team was...once the ceremony was over it would be chaos and I was not about to lose him. As I turn the corner, the team mom turns it coming out with Easton and he was balling. Once he didn't see me and all of these other teams were all around them including really big kids, he got scared. It worked out nicely because we left and beat the traffic out of there. I was glad that was over. 

So Saturday was opening day! Poor Drake was still up through the night sick but you know he wasn't about to miss Easton's first ever game. Easton had us there, my mom and dad, Kyle, Rose, Georgia and my assistant at work even came out. 
 So this is a hilarious (looking back now) moment my dad of course takes a picture of as I am a hot mess. We had team pictures scheduled and Easton took his individual one and then right after says, "Go pee pee" Oh great! So they were on a very strict schedule getting every team (all 56 again) done that morning, so I look and the bathroom is a not that close. Well, we had no choice, I didn't want an accident on his pants for his first game, so I book it over-holding 42 pounds of cuteness in my arms. By the way, he literately went just a few drips. Seriously?! But this is us running back trying not to miss the team group picture, my shoe untied and all. Nice. 
 Anyways...we did make it back just in time and then it was finally game time! 

 Easton had a great time! Once he got a ball in the field, he wanted him and this other boy kept looking at each other and scooting up trying to block each other off from getting the next ball. haha

 He loves getting to hit and loves breaking it down at the end. :)
 Oh, and don't forget the high fives too. 

After that we went back home and I got Drake settled back in bed with meds and Easton and I left so he could sleep. We went to the park and had a good time hanging outside since it was nice. 

So, today...Drake is still not feeling great. No more throwing up but just so yucky feeling and trying to get his energy back. I hope he feels better in the morning, I know it is stressing him out wanting to feel his best starting his new job last week! 

Easton and I took my mom to the zoo for the day. He literately asks every weekend to go. We have already paid for our annual passes after one month! We had fun hanging with nanny. ♥ 

After that it was off to the grocery store, packing lunches, doing dishes and getting ready for another week. Praying for a healthy awesome week! ♥ 

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  1. Cuteness overload!! There will be so many great memories made out at the ballpark, I can already tell. That's a pretty funny story about the bathroom break, and the fact that your dad caught a picture just keeps it real. It totally sounds like something Chloe would do too. I hope Drake starts feeling better soon and no one else catches it!


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