Wednesday, April 8, 2015

better late than never

Oops...I meant to post about our Easter weekend earlier than this, but it's been a busy week. Drake is in Atlanta for work until tomorrow, so I haven't had any extra time to post. recap our Easter weekend-which was great by the way. :) Saturday morning we went to the home depot workshop after Easton really enjoyed it last month. This time they had the Easter bunny and some extra things going on for the kids. 

We invited Kinley and Madison and Easton had so much fun with them!

Easton has never went through with getting his face painted for some reason, he always backs out. But he watched Kinley get a bunny nose and whiskers so he had to get a bunny nose and whiskers ♥ Which of course led to them hopping up and down the lumber isle while Madison was getting painted. 
That afternoon we decided to go golfing. We took Easton, and oh my goodness he had a blast! He has his little iron and putter and loved hitting his yellow spongebob ball. 
After golf, we went to the Otts house to grill out and let the kids play for a bit, which turned into more friends coming over and staying until dark and doing s'mores. 
Easter Sunday we went to my brother and Rose's house for an Easter egg hunt and lunch. 

It was nice to see Kylie while she was in town! Her visits are always way too quick. :(
I was not ready for Monday to roll around! After 4 days off and knowing Drake was leaving, that alarm going off Monday morning was a bummer. That evening we went to get groceries and Easton had a game. We had daddy on skype while he was hitting so he could watch the game. :)

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary ♥ We booked a room in Destin for this weekend to go celebrate, but of course just like last year it looks like rain all weekend, so we called and rescheduled for May. booo I can't wait for some time for just the two of us when we go. In addition to it being a bummer that Drake was not even here for our anniversary, it was made even better as I left the mall with a tantrum throwing toddler. Just one of those days that you try to get through.:/

Today was much better. :) After work we went downtown back to the splash pad. Only this time minus the 400 kids that were there when we went over the weekend. Easton had fun.

So excited that tomorrow is the first day this week I do not have a meeting first thing in the morning at work and we get to look forward to Drake getting home! On the home stretch! xoxo

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