Friday, April 3, 2015


Happy Good Friday ♥ I am currently in the midst of my little 4 day weekend I gave myself :) Yesterday was my 31st birthday so I took a personal day off of work. I dropped Easton off at school and headed in town to get a mani/pedi and went shopping ♥ After that I went to the beach and just enjoyed doing nothing. It actually got boring pretty quick, I guess you don't realize how used you are to craziness and being busy 24/7 until you finally stop. But, it was still pretty nice to be bored. :) 

After that I went to pick up Easton and we got ready for dinner. We had a nice family dinner out downtown, grabbed a movie at redbox on the way home and crashed. Easton did a great job singing happy birthday to me, he is doing so awesome! I had a great birthday. 
We all had today off, so we went downtown for a bit and let Easton play at the splash pad downtown. 
He loved it! I have a feeling this will be a regular stop the next few months. 
Then, we came home and my family came over to celebrate my b-day and just hang out. Kylie got in town last night for the weekend, so it was really nice. We literally sat outside the whole time! The kids did  the water slide and we ate dinner and played games. The weather was comfortable and music was playing. It was a perfect evening. 

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