Monday, April 27, 2015

home sweet home

I am so tired and the week is only beginning! Last Wednesday I was up at 4 am and hit the road with 11 teenagers and drove 7 hours straight to Universal Studios. We had a great day at the theme park before competition started Thursday. 
Thursday and Friday my kids were busy competing in the state journalism competition. Up all night editing projects for on-the-spot contests. We ended up getting awarded gold for our PSA, 2nd place in the state for collaborative commercial and honorable mention for their short film. 
 Friday night we went shopping and they had a dance before we hit the road Saturday morning. I love my kids...but I was ready to get home to my baby! 

He had a good time with Drake while I was gone. They went to a party Friday night and a pool party Saturday! It is the beginning of the birthday season for all of Easton's friends. We have another this weekend as well. 
 Yesterday we went to Disney on Ice. :) Easton had a good time. He said he was ready to go home during the scene that was all of the princesses skating around but then Buzz Light year and Woody came out and it was all good then. 
 And just a random timehop from this morning. I can't believe how big my boy is. ♥ 

 So excited about that e-mail in my last post and then this evening 3 different neighborhood kids came to our door at different times asking if Easton could come out and play. Random stuff like that means more to me than normal I think because I used to worry about Easton's speech being behind and didn't want him to not fit in with other kids. He is doing awesome! Have a great week! xoxo


  1. He did have fun with nanny and pop on two sleepover nights too :)

  2. The part about kids coming to the door asking for Easton to play brought a smile to my face. We had that in our old house, but haven't experienced that yet in our new house. I hope my kids can make some good friends this summer. They will just sit and watch the big kids playing basketball across the street and you can tell they are just itching to play with someone, anyone! :)

  3. Yea, how bout some Pop and Nanny highlights???? Easton does spend a little time over here having fun!!!


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