Monday, April 20, 2015

This past weekend was fun! Sydney came in town to visit and was here Friday evening so we all went to dinner together and just hung out at the house for a bit. 

Saturday morning we went to the mall and did some shopping before Sydney went to watch a friend in a pageant and Drake, Easton and I headed to Georgia's 2nd birthday party. Easton had a ton of fun. Towards the end when it was almost time to go, Georgia fell out of the bounce house onto her face :( When Rose's mom went to pick her up her body was limp and she just had blank looking eyes and didn't cry. They took her to the ER and she did have a concussion, and said she will be okay but it was so scary. 

That evening Sydney and I went downtown for dinner and had fun listening to music at the piano bar in Seville. 
 Sunday the sun finally came out after a very gloomy week, so we went to the zoo. Easton knows exactly which animals he wants to see and where they are. He's a good tour guide. :)
 We had a fun day together ♥ 
After that, I had a shoot I went to while the boys went to hit golf balls together ♥ 

Easton and I just got home from exploring in the woods like Daniel Tiger...I am off to go run with Gina and then it's groceries and packing. Getting ready to head to Orlando Wednesday with 11 of my students. Excited!

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