Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Hump Day! I only have 3 full days with students, 3 half days and 2 post planning days left until Summer break! I am pumped to spend extra time with Easton! He has definitely found his voice and now that he is doing awesome talking...he's talking himself into trouble more too. A lot more testing his limits these days and trying to back talk. 

So this past weekend was our rescheduled Destin trip for our anniversary! ♥ I was SO excited and the weather ended up being good to us. We drove over Saturday and went shopping for a while and then went to the hotel and sat by the pool before going to dinner. 

 It was a great day and then we had plans to get up Sunday and go to brunch and rent scooters for the afternoon. I woke up Sunday with the worst cramps and was just laying in a ball crying. Partially from the pain and partially because I was so dang mad that the timing was so awful. We ended up heading home early and I was back in bed when we got home. Such a bummer. It was still a nice full day/night with Drake.♥ 

Easton probably wished we weren't back early because he was having a blast with Pop and Nanny. They went to a festival and Easton got his face painted and won the grand prize drawing for a little bike! :)
 He also went swimming...we are loving the pool this year! He is doing great swimming. 
Monday night Easton had his last pre t-ball game. He had a good first we start gymnastics next week! :) 

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  1. Ahh Destin!! Glad the weather cooperated better this time around. Enjoy your last few days of school before one of the best summers ever (I bet) begins!!


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