Friday, May 22, 2015

So close

It really is crazy that it is about to be summer break! I went today and got everything to make Easton's teachers their "Orange you glad it's Summer" boxes. I love them :) 
 I am enjoying every minute of my kids these last few days. The program that I have been working with for 5 years for students with special needs is being relocated. I am so bummed! The county wants me to go with the program, but I love the school I am at and don't want to leave my TV Production kids either. So, long story principal met with me and wants me to stay at my school as well, so it's a good problem to have, but I have some big decisions to make. I can go with the program or he gave me a handful of options for what I can teach next year and I just keep praying about it-it's a big life decision and I want to make the right one. 

Today was Drake's birthday! {32} He wanted to hang at the pool for the evening when we got home from work, so we had fun hanging out! 

Looking forward to the 3 day weekend with my guys! 

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  1. It sure is nice to be wanted, but it sounds like that might make things more difficult on you. I hope in the upcoming days and weeks, the best choice for you becomes obvious and one that you are comfortable making. I can't believe yet another school year is over!


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