Monday, May 11, 2015

weekend and work

Hey! Since I wrote last, Drake's mom flew in Thursday to stay for the weekend. We were lucky with our weather again so we enjoyed a lot of outside time. {fingers crossed that it will stay for this weekend when we are supposed to go to Destin for our already re-scheduled anniversary weekend} Friday I went to work, but Drake had Friday off so the 3 of them spent the day at the pool. Babcia was so amazed at Easton's progress in speech and how much more outgoing he was since she saw him last. That evening Easton had a t-ball game. It's still going good, but he will say he doesn't want to go and when I ask why, he will say that his pants and socks are too hot. haha 3 year old probs. 

Saturday we were back outside enjoying the pool and then went to eat at the clubhouse again. This weekend had a lot of deja vu from last weekend :) We went home for a bit and then were back outside in the backyard just catching up and watching Easton on his water slide. Best $60 we have spent in a while! 

And we wrapped up our weekend at Blues on the Bay again. I had a nice Mother's Day...woke up to a new picture of Drake and Easton in a frame Easton picked to go on my desk, a card from Easton and Milton Bakery for breakfast. Bands on the Bay was perfect. We met up with everyone and listened to some good music while the kids ran and we enjoyed the breeze coming off of the water.
Bubbles with Georgia ♥ 

 Drake and Easton with Babcia
 The whole gang! Drake, Babcia, me, Nanny, Easton, Pop, Mom-Moms, Rose, Kyle and Georgia.

 And was an exciting day for us! Drake started a new job! So long story short...a couple months ago is when Drake unexpectedly lost his job that he had been at a couple years. It was scary, but Drake quickly got another job. He has been there for those couple months, and it was a nice place to work and the Friday-Sunday off schedule was amazing, but it was a huge pay cut for us. We immediately cut out our "wants" and have been just taking care of our needs financially and it was still stressful. So we were thankful for work, but Drake continued to spend time in the evenings getting his resume out and looking for something that he could hopefully turn into his career. 

We are very excited for his new position! He is 1 of 3 sales reps for Florida Pest Control. There is a lot of potential for him. I am so proud of him for pushing on and staying positive through a tough couple months of not knowing what could happen. 

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  1. Yay for it almost being Spring Break! Looks like beautiful weather there!


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