Wednesday, June 10, 2015

around town

Our summer break is going awesome :) Easton and I have been on the go for the most part...we went to the Roger Scott Pool, checked out books from the library, have done bike rides, he plays with his friends on the trampoline across the street, and even squeezes in some school work :) 
Last weekend, we went on a date ♥ Pop and Nanny took Easton to the splash pad and out to eat. He had a lot of fun!
Drake and I acted like tourists in our town :) Since we came home early from our anniversary trip and never got to do scooters, we did them here. We cruised around the beach for an hour and loved it! 
After that, we grabbed dinner before heading home. It was a fun date night.
We also had a family beach trip over the weekend. It was beautiful! 
Now that this week is in full swing and daddy is back at work, we planned a play date yesterday at the bounce house place in town. We met up with Reece and let them go crazy for a couple hours :)

Today we spent the day with Pop and Nanny in town. We went to visit Pa-Pa and watched the blue angels fly. 

 Easton loved watching them!

 When you need sunglasses to watch them fly, but need your ears covered too...haha
Now we are waiting on daddy to get home for the evening. Happy Wednesday!

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