Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Summer so I am allowed to be lazy and just post bullet points of what we have done lately :)
*New instax came in the mail :)

*gym time with Gina
*bounce house fun
*Target trips
*library story time 
*splash pad
*lots of playing outside for Easton and his friends
 *a trip to the mall-new Mickey vans for Easton for our Disney trip :)
*park fun
*projects around the house
*play date at the Griffins

*went up to my work-got asked to coach the girl's golf team next year :) 

Happy Wednesday! xoxo


  1. Woohoo, summer!! So since you got asked to coach the golf team next year, does that mean you are leaning more towards staying at your current school? :)

    1. Yes I am :) I've been there 5 years and really like the school. Now I'm just waiting to hear, hopefully by the end of next week, if I get to teach a different special needs unit at my school that I am wanting.


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