Wednesday, June 3, 2015

sweet sweet summertime

I'm pretty sure we had the best summer kick off possible! I counted and have 68 days of fun before I go back to work! We had an awesome day that started at the is so much easier than last year with Easton in the water. We were out there just swimming and floating in and out together, we watched some crabs, Easton made a friend and pop and nanny stopped by to see us. 
We came back home and had lunch and rested before we went to Sam's Fun City for the evening. Middle of the week-no crowd. Easton rode the frog hopper 3 times and loved it :) 

We did rides and then went inside to cool off and play some games. I am so pumped about this summer! It will be the quickest 68 days of the year I'm sure :) 

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