Sunday, July 12, 2015

hot, humid and happy

We had another good week! We had a beach day with Easton's friends from the neighborhood on Tuesday. Easton loves playing with Mathew and Alex. :)
Wednesday I had to be up and went into work to meet with the athletic director for some things for the golf team. I am excited to coach them this year. I know this year will be all new to me with a lot of questions and figuring things out as far as making schedules and hosting tournaments, but after this year it will be a sweet gig to have! Work a couple months but get paid all year for it! That evening, I had a family shoot at the beach, so Wednesday was a good productive work day overall. 

Thursday we were up and went to the blueberry farm to pick blueberry's with the fam. 
Even though we went early, it was still so hot and humid so after we were done picking, we went swimming for a while. :)
And of course Thursday means gymnastics! It has been really good overall-Easton asks about going throughout the week. When he has a good day listening and following directions (which has been every time but 1) he gets an icee after class. 
We also went to the park this week. Easton is going through a major competitive phase...if he doesn't get 1st place, he gets SO frustrated. We had fun doing some obstacle courses since we had the park to ourselves, but on the last sprint in-daddy won and it was all over! 
Friday we actually had nothing planned for once, but it unexpectedly turned into having Kylie for the day! Rose called asking if I wanted to get her because Georgia was sick and they were just going to be home all day. So I went and got Kylie and we met up with my parents at Sam's Fun City. We had a great day! We did laser tag and arcade games for hours! 
 We went to Newks for lunch, ♥ 
 And then went to hobby lobby to let Kylie show us art supplies she was wanting for her birthday in a couple weeks-she will be 12 this year! 

Yesterday we spent all day on the boat with Tyler and was a great day! 
Wrapping up our week today with church, some bumming around and cleaning. Have a good week! xoxo


  1. How close are you to the beach? Chloe is going through that now too; she hates losing and will cry if she doesn't win.

    1. We are 30 minutes from the beach...and have a guest room! ;)

  2. I'm so glad you have been having a fun summer! The beach and water look amazing!


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