Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney and Doctor

Disney was awesome! I kind of wish we would have planned to come back and then have one day to recover before jumping back into busy work mode, but it was a great trip! Wednesday we took our time getting there and just got all checked in and hung out by the pool that night. We were up early for Easton's 4th birthday! His actual birthday was spent at "Mickey's house" Our very first ride was splash mountain. Go big or go home :) Easton was not sure about it and then after the big fall at the end he had this face of pure fear mixed with pure excitement. :) Later he said his favorite ride was the big splash, so I asked if he wanted to do it again, but he quickly replied no. Oh and his go-to phrase for the trip was, "How cool is that?!" 
My parents were brave enough to join us for the craziness, I'm glad they got to be with us to celebrate. 

We rode a lot of rides and then went back to the hotel to rest and shower before heading back out for round 2. We had dinner at Chef Mickeys...it was a highlight of the trip for sure. We ate while the characters all came to our table to see Easton, sign his autograph book and take pictures. He LOVED Mickey!

 He was so excited, but would be so shy when they came by. But the characters made sure to warm Easton up :)
After dinner we were back at the park for the night. I hope Easton had a great birthday! 

The next day was the Animal Kingdom mixed with hanging out at the pool some more. We stayed at the Pop Century Resort, in the 50s section, it was cute. 

 The last day was Hollywood Studios, again another fun day! Easton loved the stunt car show the most there. I am so happy that even though it was hot, we avoided the rain until the last night! Easton got to meet so many characters and pick out some new toys with birthday money. 
 That night we went to Mickey's backyard BBQ dinner show...I took videos there. Easton was dancing with the characters :) I am so thankful we were able to take such a fun trip to celebrate Easton! We drove home all day Sunday and quickly got ready for the work week. 

BUT...even though it was a Monday, we had fall weather roll in here and got to see the baby! ♥ Heartbeat was good, I was measuring 8 weeks 3 days, exactly what I should. I discussed with my (new) doctor how awful my last experience was and that I really want to try for a vbac with this one. He was supportive for my plan, and of course did tell me the couple reasons that could come up that could lead to c-section again, but I am just praying it all works out. 


  1. Happy 4th birthday Easton! It sounds like he had an amazing birthday!
    I hope you are able to get the VBAC you want. I have several friends who have, and they always mention the recovery being so much easier than a c-section and just being able to be up and moving quicker. I am glad that your OB is open to the idea and supportive! I am so excited that this pregnancy is going smoothly and you are both healthy!!
    Have a wonderful week at work!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures from your trip! What an amazing 4th birthday! I've also heard of several friends getting to do a VBAC and having great success with it. I hope that you end able to go that route as well. I can't wait to follow along with this pregnancy and see that cute belly of yours grow!


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