Tuesday, September 29, 2015


You know those "First kid, second kid" commercials on TV. That's how I feel right about now. I posted I was pregnant and then a few weeks later, here we are...all is good! :) I just hate that I can't post like I used to. With Easton, I was on with a picture of my belly every stinkin week starting at week 5. haha Now, here I am 10 weeks with this pregnancy and I have had time to post the ultrasound picture. We are SO excited about baby Wade #2! I just have work and then with the added coaching in the evenings right now (I am posting right now because practice was cancelled today, otherwise who knows when it would be) and then hang out with daddy and Easton, get everything packed for the next day and repeat.

I will get a belly pic soon...and on that note, I am amazed at how much quicker your belly starts popping the second time around. I ordered a crib last night and am excited to do the nursery. We are actually planning to add barn doors to our dining room and convert that into a nursery so that we do not have to get rid of our guest room.

Other than the busy weekdays, we have been doing soccer on the weekends. Easton had 3 goals a few weeks ago and then 3 more last Saturday! Here are a couple videos from my phone...this one it gets taken away, but I am just so proud of his little confidence this season :) I wish I had a video to show you from last year of him running away from the ball scared...it was bad. It's been so fun to watch him feel so proud :)

And here is one of his goals :)

We also had Millie's birthday party last weekend which was a lot of fun.

 The weekends are my sanity more than ever with so much going on lately during the week. But, things are getting better at work with our transition to our new class and golf season will be over in a couple weeks which means I will have some more time for other things again. 
I can't believe it's about to be October! We have a handful of fun things coming up this month to look forward to. :) Looking forward to a fun fall!


  1. Easton keeps looking older and older with each post! So glad to hear everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy! I am so excited for you and know what you mean about not documenting things as much the 2nd time around. I am WAY behind and haven't done a blog post on Aiden turning 4 or Callen turning 2 yet. YIKES!

  2. The only way I could find to get a hold of you was through commenting here, thought you might like to know that there is a guy on a dating app called Plenty of Fish that stole your husband's pictures you posted from 2012 or after and is claiming to be him. It seemed odd to me that he said he was 25 and he looked older so I google imaged it, and it brought me here. Sorry to leave this on your public page.

    Here is the link to his profile: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=104919680


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