Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ups and downs

The fall weather has been awesome lately, and we have been trying to enjoy the weekends at all of the different festivals/farms we have here and have plans for the upcoming weekends as well. A couple weeks ago we went to the Peanut Festival with everyone, Easton had fun, although his face may be saying something different going down the big slide. :)

 We have continued to have soccer on Saturdays, and this past week was Easton's last game. He had a great season, built his confidence and had 8 goals. Here is his last goal of the season. Go #7! 
We have had a lot of fun, but with the changing seasons comes the sickness. I have felt great through my pregnancy until I got the nasty stomach bug a couple weeks ago...and you know I have huge anxiety about getting sick. It was bad. Literally throwing up every 30 minutes for 12 hours. Wahhh I'm so glad that is over. Then the bug went to my dad, then Drake and my mom. We tried to keep Easton out of the house when we were sick so he wouldn't get it...I took him on a chuck-e-cheese date while daddy was sick...
Also in the mix, we are trying to slowly work on some nursery things. We put together the crib this weekend and I found an old dresser that we sanded and I painted this weekend. Easton was a great big brother helping with the crib and was excited to show Drake what he did. 
Another fun event we were able to attend was Boo at the Zoo. It's the regular zoo attractions mixed with candy, bounce houses and face painting. I have to say, 4 is such a fun age! 
Yesterday I left with my golf team to go to Panama City for the Regional golf tournament, I was so excited we advanced...
Then I was sleeping last night when my phone rang at 1:55 am. It was Drake. "What's wrong?!" I knew he wouldn't be calling at that time unless something wasn't right. He told me that they were in the ambulance with Easton and heading to the hospital. My heart sank. He had another febrile seizure, just like 2 years ago, literally to the day! October 20th both times. I just started crying because I felt so helpless and hated that Drake was there alone. I was a couple hours away and couldn't just up and leave, I had a van full of girls I was responsible for as well. I heard Easton crying in the background and asked how he was, Drake said he wasn't allowed to sit in the back with him, so he couldn't see him. :( Drake just kept saying, "I'm right here buddy. It's okay" 
I worked on calling and texting some people and was able to get my team covered for today's golf tournament so that I was able to head home this morning. It was scary because last time he had one, that is when he started having a lot of his speech issues, so I was scared for any problems. But, so far today, we are having to force him to sit still and watch TV or play a video game, he still has fever, but is acting like himself and I am so thankful for that. 

This has been one of the craziest/most hectic couple of months I feel like. Hopefully things can settle down and we can still enjoy all of the fun things around us without the yucky stuff popping up anymore.

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  1. You guys do need life to settle down and cut you a break for a while! I can't imagine that heart sinking feeling to hear your phone ring in the middle of the night and see it's your husband calling. I'm so glad Easton seems to be doing much better, but wow! Wish you didn't have to deal with it at all.


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