Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Break!

We are enjoying our fall break so far! I am so thankful for this week off with Easton! We ended last week with a family craft day/party at his school. I love when I get to go see him at school, just a look into a different area of his life. 
 We also ended the week with our anatomy scan, look at that beautiful girl! :) We have decided that Emerson Wade will be her name ♥ (Still figuring out the middle name) My little Easton and Emerson ♥ I love it! 

 So...the other day Easton was not listening, so I had my Santa app. call him saying that he saw him not being a good boy...and this is the reaction it caused. Ha!!
But no worries, he is definitely on the nice list this year :) Here are some things he asked Santa for, and a couple extra I made note of that he has pointed out in the store this year:

1. Trampoline
2. Paw Patrol Pups racing game
3. Mouse trap
4. Mickey's cherry board game
5. Bunchems
6. Paw patrol bath set 
7. piggy bank 
Look at that big cheese! I love it. 

So, I am ending with a prayer request if you can add my family to your list...and I'm sorry to be that vague person who just says they need prayers but doesn't say why. Just know that we are going through some heavy stuff as a family right now and I would appreciate it so much. This Thanksgiving I am realizing what really matters in this world more than ever, and I pray that God gives someone very important to me determination and strength right now. 


  1. LOL. I just realized I commented "brothers" on your FB post b/c I've head Emerson both as a boy and a girl name, and it was a BLUE heart in your post, so I just assumed... ;-) Congrats on your GIRL at any rate!

    1. haha! As soon as I posted, my co-worker asked why I put a blue heart...which was pink on my phone...so I hurried over to fix it haha Good 'ol gender neutral name. oops


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