Wednesday, November 4, 2015

kicking off November

 Hey guys! My last couple posts have all talked about life being hectic lately, and in some areas it definitely still is, but in a couple areas it is starting to settle down which I am thankful for. I am determined to have an awesome November! :) October ended with Halloween and Kylie was able to come in town. It ended up raining not long after we started trick-or-treating, but Easton was loving it this year! Running from house to house and so excited at how filled his bucket was. 
{creepy ventriloquist doll}
Easton is doing great in preschool, it is hard to believe that he will have another year of pre-k after this year, since he is a September baby...he is going to dominate Kindergarten by the time he gets there :) This year he was successful (yet again) in taking the most awkward picture. haha Hair sticking up, Elvis can't plan this stuff. He is still oh so cute though! 
We have not done much lately in the evenings, just hanging out as a family...we went to Toys R Us the other night and Easton was quick to make a list for Santa. :) I am turning into one of those people who could pop the tree up the day after Halloween I'm so excited for Christmas this year! It will be so fun! 

Finally, I am VERY excited to share that this Friday night, as long as the baby cooperates-we will find out if Easton will have a little brother or little sister! 
Pink or Blue??!! Either way, I am just so excited for Easton to have a sibling to play with! 

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