Sunday, November 29, 2015

last day

Well, it's officially the last day of fall break. always I get to look forward to another awesome break not too far away! 3 weeks of work, and then Easton and I will be off for 2 weeks together for Christmas break! :) With it being the last day of fall break, it was also Kylie's last day in town before my brother had to drive her back to Jacksonville for school. She had a riding lesson this morning, so we all tagged along and made a morning of it. 

My brother and his adorable family ♥ 

 Our family ♥ {bump at 19 weeks}

 When we got home, I went ahead and used one of the pictures from today to make our Christmas card for this year. :) This is a picture of it from my phone, but I wanted to share. 
So cool to see 4 names on the card! ♥ 

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