Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas time

We have been back to the grind the last couple of weeks and counting the days until Santa comes! We signed Easton back up for gymnastics and he is loving it! It is nice to have something to do outside of the house one evening a week since it is cold and dark outside we are limited to options to get some energy out. 
We went to the Pace parade, the one that comes right past our backyard, and Easton made out with a ton of goodies :) 
We also went to the December home depot workshop, Easton really enjoys them. They built a snowman/penguin/nutcracker block set. 
Easton loves the hammering the best...and daddy puts all of his trust into those hits! :) We have had a few close calls haha
We also went to the Sowell Christmas lights, we have taken Easton every year. We rode the train, ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate. 

We also managed to get all of our Christmas shopping done :) I keep saying I am done with Easton's gifts and then I will see something so cute that he HAS to have :)
We also got to see Emerson {Emerson Harper by the way} and get to as much as we want with 3d ultrasounds! My friend Gina does ultrasounds and can do them anytime! It will be hard to stay away! We plan to go again when Drake's mom comes in town the week after Christmas so she can watch her on the screen. She was sucking her thumb and stretching last time. 
We went to play tennis{twice} this week. Easton loved surprise. He pretty much loves any sport. 

This past weekend we went to the downtown parade
And I hosted my yearly Christmas Party with my TV Production kids. 
And just a couple other random cell phone pics just because... ♥ 
haha my parents still have no idea who sent them this. 
4 days of work until Christmas Break! 11 days until Christmas!! Yayyyyy!!!

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