Sunday, February 21, 2016

busy busy

Goodness! The last few days have been slammed with a lot on the schedule, but we have had so much fun! Thursday Drake's mom and step dad got in town. That evening we went and did one more 4d ultrasound. It was exciting as always :) I can't believe the next time we see Emerson she will be here in our arms! 
Friday at work, my co-workers threw me a shower. It was really nice and they had all of my students there too :) These are my TV Production kids...
And this is my CBSA class with my awesome assistants who I rely on so much! It was so sweet and special to have all of my kids there, my administrators came down with gifts and my mom came by as well as Drake and his mom and Jeff with Easton on their way out to play for the day :) 
While Easton was there they started the presents and he was excited to help open them. I assumed he would be excited for a few and then not care about the baby girl stuff or possibly even ask if there was a present for him...but he was SO into opening for his sister and genuinely excited for the things he was opening for her. It was so sweet! So that evening I went ahead and busted out his big brother gift from Emerson...he has been playing his new Sonic game anytime he gets a chance :) 
Saturday we hung around the house, Easton rode his bike to the library, Drake and Jeff worked on our barn doors, jumped on the trampoline and then got ready for our couple's baby shower. 
 It was a nice, laid back evening with good food family and friends. 

 I am very appreciative for everything we received for Emerson the last few days and there are only a couple things left on the to-do list before she comes. PS-it is still so surreal that I will have another baby in 2 months or less!

Today we went to the park before Babcia and Grandad headed back home. Easton really enjoyed having them around this weekend! 
We still have maternity pictures left this evening and then time to get ready for another week! xoxo

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