Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We had some preview pictures from this weekend posted and oh my gosh I am in love! I feel so puffy already, but having Easton to include in these made it so sweet and special. ♥ 
This was the look he gave as he shook his head yes to having a girlfriend...when the photographer asked what his girlfriends name was, he replied, "Emerson" 

 I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he said he would see me back in 2 weeks and he was going to do an ultrasound...um what? I know an ultrasound is not normal this late in the game...so he said that I have not gained any weight over my last 3 appointments and he needs to make sure that Emerson is growing and putting on weight like she should. I am so worried now. It is going to be a long 2 weeks :( Has anyone had an experience like this??


  1. I experienced something similar when I was pregnant with Aiden. I remember my OB saying that babies often take all nutrients from their moms, even when I didn't gain (or in my case, lost) weight during the first and second trimester. All ultrasound measurements turned out just fine, despite me being so worried about how much I threw up and couldn't eat, darn morning sickness. Can you call your OB office and tell them you really need piece of mind and want the ultrasound done sooner? I would be nervous too, but I am assuming if your Dr was really worried, he would have done an ultrasound that day instead of waiting?
    Between now and then, I'll be saying prayers for you and Emerson! It can be so hard to not be worried, but try not to stress. Sending you lots of love and prayers!

    1. Thanks for responding! I feel like it has to be okay because my belly seems so big :) and like you said, I would hope if it was a big concern he wouldn't hold off until my next appt.

  2. Ok, you didn't gain weight, but did your fundal measurement grow?? Gah. I'd be demanding an ultrasound right away if my ob said that--just for piece of mind. I'm sure it's not a big deal. Hang in there!!!

  3. FWIW, I lost weight the last couple weeks with both of my kids, and my Mom said she did too. I was just so big and full and my stomach was so squashed and little, so I just wasn't eating much, and my body was shifting the nutrients I was eating to the baby. My kids were still 8#2 and 9#5 (and I had gained 25# and 18# with them). Try not to worry about it! <3


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