Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hey! So first off...all is well with Emerson. ♥ I had my ultrasound and she is measuring right on track and already has her head down preparing for her arrival :) Easton has had t-ball practice during the week and he is into this year! He liked it last year but this year I think he is getting the concept more and getting more into it. The other day after hitting they went to get their gloves and he went as fast as he could so that he could get his glove and go to the pitcher's mound because that's where the most action is in pre t. He is supposed to have opening day this weekend, but we are hoping it doesn't get rained out. 

We also met up with my brother and his fam at bounce house last week...staying busy with our evenings. We got all of our remaining items needed from the baby registry in the mail and the stroller is in my trunk and the car seat is ready to go in. Crazy! 
 This past Saturday the weather was awesome! There aren't too many days left with just the 3 of us hanging out, so we took Easton to the beach and spoiled him all day. We did funny cars, had smoothies, played at the beach and finished with putt putt. 
 We got our maternity/family pictures back and I loved them :) Enjoy! 

Happy Hump Day! 

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  1. Love all of the pictures! You will get to meet your sweet girl so soon - how exciting!


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