Monday, March 28, 2016

spring break wrap-up

Well, it was back to reality today :( It was tough getting in the car this morning and my beach bag was still sitting in the passenger's seat taunting me. We had a great Spring Break overall. In addition to what I wrote on my last post, we went to the park again, the park right up the road added a new section and Easton was loving it. 

 We went on a sweet frog date ♥ 
And this weekend we had a fun Easter. It was raining most of the weekend, but luckily it cleared up before one of the Easter egg hunts in  town, so we were able to go there. Easton loved his basket from the Easter bunny and was so excited when he saw the prints left on our floor. 

We also went to Joe and Rachel's couples baby shower...she is due a month after me. Our group gatherings just keep getting bigger and bigger with all of the kids :) 

I went for my weekly appointment today and no progress yet. He said my cervix was still up high and closed. I got my paperwork about attempting a vbac. It makes me nervous but I am hopeful and realistic with this delivery. We talked about how I got up to 8 cm with Easton and then everything went backwards. It could have possibly been because my bones just wouldn't fit an 8 pound baby, so he said if that was the case and she is as big, we would unfortunately be in the same situation. But he thinks I am a good candidate for a vbac and feels comfortable with me trying to have a vaginal birth. Who knows what will happen, I know God is in control and as long as Emerson is healthy that is all that matters. 

Have a good week! 

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