Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break 2016! Woop woop! We kicked off the break with a little babymoon/early anniversary celebration in Destin. Easton got to hang out with Millie and Jude all day Saturday and stayed the night with pop and nanny and was there until we got back Sunday afternoon. 
 The trip in total is usually a whopping 24 hours we spend away, but it is always so nice! Here is shopping/eating area right outside of where we stay...
 We drove over Saturday afternoon and spent most of our time shopping until we went to check in and get ready for dinner. It had been so long since we had a date night! 
 The next morning we slept in and then walked over for brunch before heading to a couple more stores and heading home. Short but very sweet staycation! Being 35 weeks pregnant knocked out a handful of the activities we might normally look into doing while we were there, but that's okay. 

We were both excited to get home to our buddy. ♥ I have enjoyed this week with him so much and am probably pushing myself a little too much trying to keep up with him, but in the back of my head I know that this is the last break with just me bittersweet. So, I am soaking him in this week and spoiling him as much as possible. We have already been to Sams Fun City, a couple parks, bike rides and adventures, blown bubbles, went to the beach and we are about to dye Easter eggs. 

Have a great week! xoxo

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