Sunday, April 10, 2016

enjoying spring

 Happy Sunday! Spring weather has been here all week and it is amazing! During the week, we had t-ball...Easton is so cute out there ♥ 

Last Thursday we celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Hard to believe. I am so blessed I get to spend my life with Drake ♥ 
 Over the weekend we were on the go most of the time-like usual. We went on a bike ride, got ice cream, and rode out to the beach yesterday...while mixing in a photo shoot and Drake finishing our barn doors for the nursery. 

 Today we went to the pool for a little bit, grabbed lunch at the clubhouse and then played golf this evening. It was a good weekend! 

I wonder if this was our last weekend with the 3 of us?! I go to the doctor in the morning, so we shall see if there is any progress. 12 days from my due date today. Eeekkk! 

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  1. Can't wait to hear and see pictures when Emerson is here! :-)


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