Sunday, May 15, 2016

flying by

So, Emerson will be a month old this week! What?! Last week I had a few friends come by to visit and hang out with us while Easton was at school, and then when he gets home, I try my best to have something we do out and about each day. I got to see a couple more of our pictures from our are a couple of just Emerson. I can't wait to get the rest and start printing some for her nursery. 

 Last week we had t-ball games and made a trip to Chuck E Cheese. I pretty much felt like a rock star accomplishing that one by myself. Especially since Emerson was super gassy and not a happy camper. We have had a handful of days that she has an upset stomach and is either sleeping or crying for the most part. 
 Play date with Millie ♥ 
 And this is from yesterday...we were headed to the splash pad and it ended up being closed for a random fishing event, so we made the best of it and Easton had fun doing a scavenger hunt while we were there. 
Today we had a family pool day :) And are doing some things around the house, getting ready for another week. I signed Easton up for gymnastics again for this summer as well as martial arts! Excited to see how that goes...and he will be going to vacation bible school for the 1st time. I can't believe he is almost done with another year of school! 

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  1. She is beautiful, and I see a lot of Easton in her. I can't believe a month has already passed! You are a rock star mom, and doing a mighty fine job!!


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