Wednesday, May 4, 2016

maternity leave check in

Well, yesterday was 2 weeks of being on maternity leave. Drake was off for the first bit and headed back to work on Monday. The adjustment has been good...I'm just literally getting nothing else done besides taking care of these 2 cuties, and I wouldn't have it any other way. While Drake was here, he was able to take Easton to and from school and help me out which was nice...I even convinced him to start working on some shiplap for our living room :) Hey, might as well take full advantage of that time off! Easton is still obsessed with his sister! He keeps asking when her belly button will fall off so she can take a bath with him. ♥ 
 BFFs on face time 
 I have spent a lot of time just holding and obsessing over Emerson :)
 And clearly pumping a good bit since Easton came over and did this the other day :) When I was breastfeeding one of the first days we were home, he walked over very confused and asked what Emerson was doing. I said, "She's eating buddy." To which he quickly replied, "Why is she eating you?!" haha
 After Emerson getting a lot of attention from me since we have been home, I wanted to make sure Easton got to do something special with me, so we went on a mommy-son date to Disney on Ice this weekend. It was nice :) we are adjusting this week to daddy not being here, so I was officially "that mom" out at the bus stop on Monday with no make-up and a robe on feeding my baby and trying to get the other one out on time. haha My sweet boy...already riding a school bus! So weird, he still has another year of preschool after this year and has already seen so much of a big kid school life. I just hope he doesn't get bored and continues to grow like he has these last couple of years. 
 This whole stay at home mom life is awesome! A hot mess...but awesome! We get brother on the bus and then get Emerson going for the day, I have tried to start walking the neighborhood with her in the stroller this week, and then we get back and she will nap while I take a shower and pick up the house a little bit. The true challenge will be when summer break starts and having both of them for almost 12 hours by myself.

Emerson is doing well with sleep overall. Usually up twice a night, but had a couple nights where she was only up once. Last night she went from 9-4:30, it was nice! We also had some pictures taken last week of the kids :) I am obsessed! ♥ 

Overall, everything is going good...I know this time with them will fly by, so I hope to soak it all in. Have a good week! xoxo

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  1. So glad you got some Easton and mommy time! You are right, soak in every minute with your sweet kids. I love how sweetly Easton is looking at Emerson in the second to last picture. So precious!!!


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