Saturday, June 11, 2016

kicking off summer

Goodness! Time to play catch up {as usual} and just transfer a bunch of cell phone pics from my phone to the blog...Easton and Emerson-I am absolutely loving my time off with the two of you! I have to admit I was a little nervous thinking about 12 hour days with just the 3 of us, just trying to balance everything out and figuring out my new norm, but it has been great, and that is definitely because of how awesome you both are! 

Easton is very patient when I am having to feed Emerson, change diapers or do other things around the house and Emerson will just go with the flow and doesn't mind being in her car seat as we make our way around town to do things. 

Easton finished out his school year at the start of this month. I had fun with him at his pre-k fun day!

First day-last day

Emerson still sleeps in her rock n'play for now, but she is in her room and oh my gosh! That girl has her sleeping figured out! :) For the last couple weeks she has been going to bed at 9:00 and sleeping through until 6 or 7 the next morning!! 
Hanging out at the Lynch's a couple weekends ago...

This was the official start of our summer...we usually make at least one outing each day. 

Playing with the neighbors ♥ 
I took Easton to this month's workshop and he made a trophy for Father's Day. We also got Drake some cheesy socks and a gift certificate for a the hot towel, face massage type shave. I hope he will like it. 

Kylie is also in town for part of the summer...she will be 13 next month! So crazy! I love these kids so much! 
Oh and please make note, I successfully completed my first grocery shopping trip with both kids and we all came out alive. BUT we recently got grocery pick up offered in our town, so I ordered and paid online yesterday and chose our pick up time of  tomorrow morning at 8:00. So I will pull up and they bring our groceries out and load them, I don't even have to get out. If this goes smooth, that will be a life changer! 

 Easton is doing gymnastics again this summer, but we added a martial arts trial to our schedule. It is just 3 classes, but we went yesterday and he loved it! I think for now we will just do the trial because he will do soccer again in the fall and then we found out he will be able to start basketball in January! So...I think we will just enjoy the trial for now, because it requires a longer commitment than anything else he is involved in...but it is seriously the cutest thing ever. 
Yesterday I also got our first date box in the mail. Just a random thing I came across through social media, but I love it! We will get a new box every month with everything we need for a fun, at home date night. 
 Finally, today we went to swim with some new friends we made :) Easton and their kids got along great and their dad also played baseball, BFF for Drake haha. I was SO proud of Easton today in the pool! He literally went from only jumping in if we caught him and not going under water at all, to jumping off the diving board and going under today! He acted like he had been doing it for years! Yay! 
This summer is going to be so fun!xoxo

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