Tuesday, June 21, 2016

 This summer has been so much fun! I am worried that going back to work in August will be a really hard adjustment for me. I've never been off of work this long and I'm getting used to just doing whatever I want every day with my babies. But I will try my best to not think of that until the time comes :) I am praying that some things happen for me in the work area of my life, but I know that God will open the right doors for me and put me exactly where he wants me. Anyways...back to summer stuff!

{Daddy worn out after 60 our work weeks. He works so hard for our family ♥ }
{Play dates at the park. We have to get there early so we don't pass out from the heat.}
{Sponge bob underwear and a sprinkler. Awesome day ♥ }

{Our beautiful girl...it makes me smile every time someone comments on how she looks just like her brother.}
{Lots of pool days and fun with cousins}

{Big boy finally enjoying putting his face under water and loving his goggles}
{Twins staring at the fan and so content...for 2 minutes}
{Father's Day was fun. Drake's only request-to eat lunch at five guys. Him and Easton went and hit golf balls that morning and then we enjoyed lunch together}

{SO thankful I get to spend everyday with these 3!}
{Easton was old enough to attend Vacation Bible School this year, and he was so excited! He was clearly ready for me to go! We have come a long way from the little boy who cried the whole church service and would cling to my leg at school drop off}
 Have a good week! 

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