Friday, September 30, 2016


It FINALLY resembles fall here today and I am so excited to go into the weekend with some great weather! We have been busy with our usual routine lately, adding soccer to our list 3 days a week. Easton loves it! The first game was last weekend and he started out biting his nails and sort of running and then once he was comfortable-watch out! :) He scored 6 goals and did so awesome! 
 Last Friday...our picture as we leave on Friday morning has quickly turned into a little tradition-celebrating another week. 
 Here are some pictures from the game. It was SO hot and I couldn't believe how much longer the game was compared to the place we had to play last year. (Further from home but allowed kids under 5 to play so the games were like 20 minutes with 3 breaks haha) Now we play 40 minute games and Easton did not get pulled so he was dripping with sweat by the time he was done but I guess he is loving it because yesterday we got to practice and he was so upset that we weren't there for a game. 

After the game we went to Millie's birthday party that was a pool party. Easton had fun cooling off while I sat sweating holding a sweet sleeping baby :) Then, we got home and I headed out and spent a long afternoon car shopping-always so brutal, but the end result was a success. 

Drake was recently given a company vehicle which was a huge blessing! So, we decided to sell and trade in our vehicles so that we could share one vehicle when we aren't at work that has more room. We got an SUV with a 3rd row which will be so nice to have the option of having other people ride with us even with 2 car seats in the back. 

Sunday my mom offered to watch the kids so that we could go get a kid free dinner! Whoop whoop! It was before Emerson was born since we went to eat just the two of us. It was nice. 
{Headed to drop e&e off}

This week we had school pictures :) Easton looks so grown! We had his annual meeting this week and they said if they were to test him right now, he would test out of the program! God is so good! He was evaluated at 59 months and he was several months above that in every. single. area. Gross motor, fine motor, language, literacy, math, daily living and social/emotional. 

We went to visit Daddy at work this week and check out his new office. :)
And finally here we are this morning-in long sleeves! :) I have 2 pretty amazing kids ♥ 
Have a great weekend! 

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