Sunday, September 18, 2016

starting soccer

Hey! Well, here we are bringing another weekend to a close, WAY to fast! But we had a really busy, but good week. :) Easton started soccer and is doing great! 
 It was so nice to just sit back and watch him while hanging out with Emerson. He just follows directions and does whatever the coach needs him to flashbacks of soccer are little hectic since he started at age 3. Those days were the days of herding cats on a field and hoping the kids were entertained enough to not run off to the park beside the field :) Now I just get to truly enjoy watching him and I felt so proud of his talent out there too. Emerson loves being outside watching, so overall soccer is super enjoyable this year. ♥ 

We also had Easton's 5 year check up. All is great! He was not a fan of the shots though. :( 
 5 weeks of school down! Woo hoo!
 I started working on super sonic. Fingers crossed! 
 This little chunky monkey already fills out 9 month clothes and is wearing some 12 month stuff already. Crazy!
 We enjoyed a trip to the library this week too. 
All in all, life is good! Have a great week! 

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