Sunday, September 11, 2016

Well, we are finally settling into our new norm. So many (positive) changes this year in our lives! I am slowly getting used to waking up at 5:00 to start getting ready before I get e&e ready and out the door on time. I am really enjoying my job. I will always miss some of my close friends at my old job, but we still keep in touch and I will miss waking up later ha! and our little Friday outings we were able to do...but trading those things in to be right down a hallway from Easton is so worth it! My stress level is so much lower during the day with what I am doing now too. All in all, it's been a very positive change for the same time that Drake make a career move and got moved up to a branch manager spot. I am so proud of him! He now works at a branch even closer to home too, so he gets home almost an hour earlier now. 

The few weekends of back to school were rough. The first weekend Easton have fever and threw up, but slowly felt better by Sunday and we went on into the new week feeling good. We even went to the new trampoline park and had a blast. 

But that night, as I am literally sitting in the car as we are about to leave for our first date night since Emerson was born...
2 minutes later Drake comes walking out with Easton-and a bucket :( He was gagging and not feeling good again. So me and Emerson went back inside and Easton went up to after hours-another ear infection. Poor guy had a rough couple weeks and I'm glad he is feeling better now! 

Emerson continues to enjoy her daycare. She is all smiles when I drop her off and this is her BFF that she talks to all day :) The front door is unlocked and we always just walk made me smile as I walked in the other day and no one heard me, as I turn the corner Emerson is being held by Mrs. Barbara and cracking up as she tickles and loves on her saying, "You want nana to do that again?!" I truly feel like she loves the babies as if they were her own grandkids and I truly don't worry while I am at work. I am so thankful we found them! 
One day after picking up Emerson was not happy on the way home, fighting a nap and as I turned around to soothe her, Easton was already taking care of it ♥ 
I had a training one day last week which meant I got to eat lunch away from my desk and lesson's the little things sometimes. 
Twinning with my boy for jeans Friday 
Last weekend we attempted our first overnight trip as a family of 4, and it was great! 
 We went to Destin of course and spent Saturday swimming

and then went and did go-carts, bumper cars, arcade games and a train ride
followed by a yummy dinner. Emerson attempted her high chair for the first time but kept slipping to the side, she peed through her outfit, Easton knocked the pizza off of the stand trying to get his own piece, Emerson threw up all over the floor as we were paying for our ice cream afterwards...but you just have to laugh at the craziness sometimes. 

Easton was so pooped that night, he actually requested to go back so he could sleep instead of staying out. He went a football game with pop and nanny the night before so he was exhausted. 
Sunday we did some shopping but Emerson wasn't feeling the best and it was rainy, so we came back and then she ended up at after hours! Ear infection, eye infection and a cold. Gahhhh 

And this past weeks highlights...Easton apparently needed to start wearing sunglasses to recess haha 
The first step to Easton's Halloween costume came in. I went and got some felt, hair color spray and will do face paint...hoping I can turn this kid into super sonic-wish me luck! Even if we end up with a pinterest fail, hopefully it will be memorable for him. I always remember my mom's handmade costumes for me. 
 Finally, this week was Easton's birthday week! I took him for some pictures but didn't care about getting the "perfect" picture. I just wanted to try and capture him at this awesome age. We had fun!

 I can't believe I have a 5 year old! I will post all of the details to his awesome party soon!

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